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Astro palmistry is the oldest science of revealing information about a person according to the features of the shapes of hands, palmar lines, signs.

This is clearly mentioned in the Old Testament in the following verses:

- (1 Samuel 26:18:) "He sets a seal on the hand of every man, that men may know his work."

- (Book of Job 37:7): "Longevity is in her right hand, and in her left is riches and glory."

(Proverbs 3:16 and Isaiah 49:16): “Behold, I have drawn you on my hands; your walls are always before me.”

Mastering the basics of Asto Palmistry is available to anyone. You just need to have patience, attention, a good memory, the interest of the researcher. Over time, against the background of practice, the gift, premonitions, called intuition, is automatically aggravated, and this is the first step to clairvoyance. We all, without exception, have these abilities, albeit at different levels. Love for the knowledge of nature sharpens our intuition at the level of telepathic mind reading and clear vision of forms, images and events - past, present and future.

Long before our birth, information about future life events is present on the current plane of an unborn person.

Through the impulses of the information field, from the thin body of a person, like along a telegraph wire, to the brain, then along the nerve centers of the human body, in the form of lines, signs, varieties of shapes of hands and palms, an actual astrological map of a person is formed, as a reflection of the solar system on the hands and the palms of each of us.

Each planet in the symbolism of palmistry, as well as in astrology, according to the peculiarities of its characteristics, reflects a facet of a person's essence, options for his behavior. Based on the characteristics of the information received, we can judge the events of a person's earthly life, manifested on the hand and palms.

Spiritual development contributes to the growth of our consciousness, which, as a result, can lead to a modification of the movement of secondary lines and the position of signs on the left palm of the hand, showing events in earthly life: past, present and future. Therefore, we have the opportunity, by knowing "SELF", not to depend on fate, to plan our life, and this is real, thanks to God-given freedom of Will.Astro-Chiromatia english article text