We invite you to learn Astrology

We offer a unique opportunity in Moldova to gain professional knowledge in astrology. Classes are held according to the program of the Moscow Academy of Astrology. Qualified teachers - practicing astrologers with many years of experience will introduce you to a new world, unlike anything studied in ordinary educational institutions. You will get the opportunity to understand this amazing science in great detail, get a built-in system of knowledge, find friends and like-minded people and, over time, become a professional if you wish.

You can come and study not necessarily in order to become a professional astrologer, but to gain knowledge for yourself, for your family and friends.

Classes in Romanian start on April 14, 2022 at 18:00

Address: Chisinau, st. Aldya-Teodorovich 11/2.

Questions by phone: 022 755 644, 068 111 245, 079 366 431

Ziua Usilor Deschise Sîmbătă 28.08.2021 dela 15.00 pînă la 16.30

Friends! We invite you to the traditional annual event "Day of Open Doors". We are waiting for like-minded people to visit us to get acquainted with our Astrological Center, with our activities and new plans.

We offer an opportunity to join astrology. Those who wish can enroll in a new course to gain professional knowledge.

Questions by phone: 022 755 644; 068 111 245; 0793 66 431