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At the end of the 80s, waves of esoteric teachings poured into the territory of the former USSR, to which there was great interest at that time. Astrology, previously considered a pseudo-science, has gained recognition in the widest circles. In 1990, the Moscow Academy of Astrology was established, which began to provide systematic education in this area.

People from various regions of the CIS studied astrology there. In view of the great interest in this science, it was decided to create a network of IAA branches in large cities. So, in 1992, the Chisinau branch of the IAA was created, which was headed by Kucherenko Galina Alexandrovna. Subsequently, the "boom" in astrology began to wane, and of all the created branches, only ours and Odessa remained.

This is a great merit of Galina Alexandrovna, who managed to give so much fire to our Astrological Center that, in spite of everything, it lives, prospers and graduates new specialists in this field of knowledge. We have a fairly large library. The academy has a consultation center where individual consultations are held on family, health, career, work, parenting, etc. Our team is creative, everyone approaches work with a soul, with love and an open heart.