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Aspects of the week.

15th of November.

Mercury - Sextile - Pluto.

The word as an instrument of influence.

15th of November.

Sun - Trine - Neptune.

Expansion of perception.

15th of November.

Venus - Trine - Jupiter.

Feeling the harmony of life.

November 16th.

Mercury - Trine - Jupiter.

Expanding horizons.

November 16th.

Venus ingression into Sagittarius.

November 17th.

Mercury ingression into Sagittarius.

November 18th.

Sun - Sextile - Pluto.

impact on the situation.

November 19th.

Mars - Square - Neptune.

Blurred action.


Pricing reform in your business.

Broadening your horizons on intimate relationships.

Your relatives may be victims of scammers or swindlers.


Establishment of business contacts with foreign partners.

Very nice company of educated people.

Danger of monetary loss due to absent-mindedness or deceit.


Comprehensive health examination.

Rewards at work will be marked at the corporate party.

But don't go overboard with alcohol.

This can cause you to miss work the next day.


Romantic relationships tend to go into a deeper stage.

An interesting holiday in a prestigious location.

But it is better not to argue with foreigners on military topics.


Putting things in order in family archives, throwing out unnecessary letters.

Expensive gifts in the form of valuable books and unique figurines.

A friend has a danger from water or poisoning.


An important event in the nephew's personal life.

Receiving a nice letter from a person who wants to return your life.

In the business sphere - dishonesty or betrayal of a partner.


Buying a phone or tablet for family use.

A solid increase in salary in a beautiful envelope.

But it is worth giving up a long trip on the water.


Exam success.

Invitation and participation in celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.

Danger of drug overdose in case of health problems in children.


Successful passage of hidden goods through customs.

The long-awaited arrival of a dear relative to your home.

A personal partner will behave in an inappropriate way by sorting out alcohol.


Participation in political activities.

Good company of friends and acquaintances.

Being late for work due to a traffic collapse, or water on the roads.


Gratitude from the authorities for the secret work.

Pay raise or big bonus.

But, avoid financial speculation, gambling.

Loss of money due to lack of vigilance.


Persuasive speech at the rally.

An educational trip abroad and meeting an attractive person.

But at home, do not forget to check if you have turned off the water taps.