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Aspects of the week.

December 6.

Mercury ingression into Capricorn.

December 6.

Mercury - Square - Jupiter.

Fake promises.

December 8th.

Sun - Opposition - Mars.

High degree of conflict.

9th December.

Venus - Square - Jupiter.

Noisy entertainment.

December 10th.

Venus ingression into Capricorn.


Business trips and negotiations with foreigners will not bring benefits.

Rush on the roads, you can get into a transport collapse.

Compromising information about you in social networks.


Financial problems due to overestimation of their capabilities and exorbitant ambitions.

A friend will borrow money from you and will not rush to repay the debt.


Unreasonable truth-seeking can turn society against you.

And you will be left alone with your ambitions.

A vain expectation of a profitable cooperation.


Strong and influential enemies may become active, unseemly deeds of the past may emerge.

The business trip will be noisy, troublesome and unproductive.


Quarrels with friends due to rivalry, differences of opinion and outright lobbying of their interests.

At an entertainment event in a nightclub, you can be robbed corny.


You will encounter rudeness, despotism, and dismissive attitude of the authorities.

The partner will invite noisy and cheerful guests to the house, but you will only get tired of this society.


Participation in the struggle for false beliefs, not even your own, but cleverly imposed.

Fight for misunderstood justice.

Relatives will get their exaggerated problems.


The danger of getting involved in all sorts of showdowns in criminogenic places.

In addition, monetary losses through gambling or casinos.


Rejection of comments addressed to you, especially from people below you in official or social status.

Invite friends to your home, which will make a lot of noise and unnecessary fuss.


Problems at work. Complaints about rudeness and tyranny, the struggle for leadership.

All this can affect health (head and heart).

Relatives have a restless situation associated with a long trip and documents.


exclusivity claims.

You will be too intrusive, demanding and arrogant.

A hooligan trick on your part in a circle of friends.

Financial claims against friends.


Quarrel in the family.

You will be offended and can leave the house, defiantly slamming the door.

Your brilliant idea will not be appreciated at work.