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Aspects of the week.

November 28.

Mars - Trine - Saturn.

Serious work, physical labor.

29th of November.

Mercury - Opposition - Mars.

Rude behavior.

November 30th.

Mercury - Sextile - Saturn.

Systematic thinking.

December 1.

Venus Opposition Mars.

Intensity in personal relationships, jealousy.

December 2nd.

Mercury - Square - Neptune.

Distracted attention.

December 2nd.

Venus - Sextile - Saturn.

Calm affection.

December 4th.

Venus - Square - Neptune.

Obsessive fantasies.

December 4th.

Neptune turns forward.


You may encounter tactlessness, categoricalness, or evil humor from loved ones or neighbors.

A trusted friend will help resolve the conflict.

On a long trip, among fellow travelers there will be dreamers or alcoholics.


The boss will balance the tense situation in dealing with your financial affairs by checking the accounting records.

 A friend may be the victim of sexual blackmail.


Confrontation in a lawsuit or civil suit will end with the reconciliation of the parties.

But a personal partner will be suspected of dishonesty.


The danger of falling into the networks of scammers, or sectarians who propagate their teachings.

It's better to give them money to fall behind.

Unrealistic expectations about a business trip.


A love affair with one of your friends will negatively affect the implementation of plans and will cause a quarrel in the team.

Children can get into a strange story and deceive you.


Aggravation of relations on the basis of mutual hostility at work or a scandal with the boss.

Mistakes in work due to haste and carelessness.

You will calm down when you put things in order in your home bookcase.


A female teacher who is ill-disposed or prejudiced against you may cause you to fail the exam.

Relatives may not feel well because of too much alcohol.


Problems with the tax office or insurance company due to late paperwork or caustic statements.

Buying useful and beautiful little things for the house.

Do not go to the casino.


Discord in personal relationships.

Unwillingness to take into account the interests of each other.

An older relative will help sort out the problem.

In the end - champagne with a partner as a sign of reconciliation.


Unfavorable atmosphere in the workplace - quarrels, envy, jealousy of other people's successes.

The situation will become calmer when the long-awaited salary is finally delivered.


The desire for entertainment, sensual pleasures will be very strong.

But you can pull yourself together and cool the passion by turning on common sense.


Household dissatisfaction with your increased attention to work or a person at work who is attractive to you.

But do not flatter yourself - you are being deceived about the office romance.