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Here is the last month of autumn, every sunny day pleases us! And despite all the difficulties of this period, we, rustling and admiring the colorful leaves, are slowly approaching winter.

8.11 - Total lunar eclipse, which completes the eclipse corridor that began on 25.10. The arrangement of the planets will be quite complicated. The eclipse involves Saturn and Uranus, opposite planets in their manifestation, one striving to keep the old, and the other to make radical changes. The tension resulting from the collision of these planets will seriously affect people, causing them strong emotions, anger and a thirst for justice. During this period, it is very difficult to control your feelings and follow the words. And the retrograde movement of Mars can increase the controversy. Try to approach any conflicts reasonably, otherwise, having arisen during this period, it can drag on for a long time.

November 16 - Venus enters Sagittarius. After a complex Scorpio, you want big, bright and, somewhere, ideal love, expensive pleasures and gifts. And even if expectations are not justified, hope and optimism will not let you fall into despair.

17.11 - Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius - this will significantly speed up the resolution of information issues. A good period for studying, establishing positive contacts and, of course, for traveling (although in our anxious time it may not work out, but the desire will be great). The Internet will help us a lot in this!

November 22 - Sun enters Sagittarius. Increased optimism and self-confidence. Luck accompanies active, purposeful and assertive. For those who have difficulty with this, it is advisable to start developing the habit of enjoying life!

Auspicious days November 2022

(We use these days, taking into account the above recommendations, these are periods until the Moon goes only on harmonious aspects before leaving the sign).

2.11.2022, 1:22 - 13:07 - Moon in Aquarius

A good period for intellectual activity, study, communication, Internet activity can bear fruit. Many may have very unusual ideas, and someone will make an unusual decision for themselves, change something in their life.

4.11.2022, 17:02 - 5.11.2022, 0:04 - Moon in Pisces

Devote this Friday night to something that relaxes you: listen to music, weather permitting, be in nature, meditate, go to the temple, go to bed on time. Maybe “shopping” will relax someone ... The main thing is not to use alcohol, drugs for this.

9.11.2022, 0:00 - 13:59 - Moon in Taurus

Yes, the Moon is still in the sign of the eclipse, but we, hurray, are leaving the corridor and exiting on harmonious aspects. The eclipse energies are still present. We are not planning very important and serious cases during this period. But for shopping, going to the hairdresser, the time is not bad. Given the retrograde of Mars, you should not buy equipment, but it is better to get a haircut from a trusted master.

11/14/2022, 7:35 - 12:40 - Moon in Cancer

The week begins with a strong and harmonious Moon. Cancer, of course, does not set the working mood, but positively colors the atmosphere, gives a state of inner comfort in any situation. A good time to strengthen ties, for projects in the field of service, food, health. Favorable for shopping, salon procedures.

23.11.2022, 4:40 - 20:15 - Moon in Scorpio

With great care, use this day, a difficult sign for the Moon, the end of the lunar cycle, almost a new moon. But, the Moon is in good aspect to a benefic planet. I propose to use this day in order to successfully complete something or get rid of something in your life, put a confident end and without any unpleasant aftertaste.

25.11.2022, 23:18 - 27.11.2022, 22:10 - Moon in Capricorn

It so happened that the entire passage of the Moon in the sign without tense aspects. But, I remind you that for the Moon, Capricorn is a complex sign, and the planet Pluto, which the Moon meets on its way, is very difficult. We do not relax, we organize and work, then everything will be fine. It will be easier to concentrate and do what is not easy these days.