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Declaration of Independence of Moldova - August 27, 1991 11:56 (Chisinau).

The Sun in the Natal Chart (horoscope) of Moldova is in the Sign of Virgo.

According to the classical interpretation, Virgo feels better, more comfortable in the background than in the center of attention. Therefore, there is a tendency to "attach" to a stronger partner; especially since the Sun is in Conjunction through the Sign with Jupiter, and Jupiter in the Map of Moldova is strong, in the Sign of Leo. Jupiter means ambitions, goals, and Moldova is fine with that. Jupiter is also a patron, that is, our country will not be left without support (both ideological and material).

A brief excursion into history.

In 1995, Progressive Mercury (responsible for communications) changes its movement to Direct (Direct) - Moldova is admitted to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

In 1996, Progressive Mars enters the Sign of Libra, - the election of the second President of Moldova (peace-loving politician).

In 2007, Progressive Jupiter (responsible for international relations) enters the Sign of Virgo (Virgo is a weak sign for Jupiter), a political crisis in Moldo-Romanian relations.

From 2004 to 2015, Progressive Venus (responsible for culture, art) is in the Degree of a turn to the Direct movement - the growth of creative success. In 2005, the group "Zdob si Zdub" successfully debuted at Eurovision, taking 6th place. Moldova's performances at Eurovision continue to this day.

From 2009 to 2018, Progressive Uranus is in the so-called "static point" with a turn to Direct (direct) movement.

Uranus is the planet of change, change, liberation, independence. During the period of Uranus Static, the beginning of which coincided with 2009, there was a sharp acceleration in the rhythm of life, revolutionary changes took place. The role of various groups, parties and collectives has increased.

At the exact turning point of Uranus to the Direct Movement, and this was in 2014 (Parliamentary elections in November), tension was building up, as before a thunderstorm; again there have been changes.

In 2018, Uranus leaves the Static Zone and begins to move forward - again there will be changes with a tendency to independence, to freedom, to new conditions in life, which will be quite progressive.

In the meantime, we are in the "Turbulence Zone". But the turn of Uranus forward is always positive, it is liberation, independence, progress for the country.

Also, in 2018 the Progressive Sun in the Map of Moldova is moving from Virgo to Libra. Our country will become more open, relaxed, sociable, and “get younger”. Moldova will find new partners who will be quite friendly. Relations with partners will be built on the basis of equality and consideration of mutual interests.

Although in 2017 Progressive Mars and Neptune form a Quadrature Aspect, national unrest on national or religious grounds is possible. But the Trine of the Progressive Sun and Saturn will allow you to keep the situation under control.

In 2019 there is a Progressive Full Moon in the Map of Moldova. This is the maximum result for the last 14-15 years, the time of the culmination, the maximum "light", the realization of goals.

Separately, I would like to draw attention to the following astrological fact.

The moments of the passage of the Progressed Moon through the Lunar Nodes are very important. When the Progressed Moon conjuncts the Rising Node, events occur that lay the foundation for situations for the future. This is a very positive zone, although there can be tense events here.

In May 2013, the Progressed Moon connected with the Ascending Node in the map of Moldova. During this period, Iurie Leanca was approved for the post of Prime Minister, and Igor Korman became the Speaker of the Parliament; consequently, these appointments served as a stabilizing factor for the further development of Moldova.

Changes in 2015 will be due to the fact that 2 Planets (Saturn and Jupiter) change Signs. Significant changes in the public consciousness are possible, which will entail changes in various directions: politics, economics, fashion.

Saturn is a serious examiner. This is the Planet that symbolizes Law and Order.

Saturn has been in the Sign of Scorpio for the last 2.5 years, at the end of December it entered Sagittarius, for the whole summer of 2015 it returns to Scorpio again.

During the passage of Saturn through Scorpio, tax rules are introduced or refined, economic levers are used to solve many problems, economic sanctions are introduced against those states that violate the rules of "hostel", loans are provided with certain conditions. At this time, a secret, hidden war is going on, which can break through an uprising within a country, a rebellion, a coup. A state of emergency is possible. Due to corruption scandals, connections with criminal elements, the heads of the highest (and not only) government officials can “fly off”. Spy revelations, provocative actions against political competitors are likely. The collapse of banks, the devaluation of national currencies are also not uncommon in these periods.

Saturn in Sagittarius (from December 2014 to June 15, 2015 and from September 18, 2015).

Here Saturn seeks to streamline everything related to any international relations - diplomatic, scientific, ideological, trade and economic. International organizations are involved in resolving ethnic conflicts. Various restrictions and additional requirements are being introduced for those who cross the border and are going to establish business with foreign partners. For those involved in international tourism or foreign trade, this is far from the best period. It is possible to reform education (mainly higher education). The requirements for the quality of education, the qualifications of the teacher are increasing.

Jupiter - Planet of purpose, expansion, opportunity.

Jupiter is in Leo until August 11, 2015. Leo - A sign of creativity, play and glory, a sign of the monarchy. Jupiter in Leo favors politicians, military leaders, royalty, famous leaders and adventurers. There are new leaders who can captivate with them. They make loud statements and promises, put on real shows; perform actions that can show them from a favorable side. The state supports cultural, sporting events, theater, show business, advertising, and modeling are flourishing.

Jupiter in Virgo since August 11, 2015. Issues related to improving working conditions, increasing jobs, and expanding social benefits are coming to the fore. The role of trade unions is growing. This is the time of total quality control. Professionals, workers, high-class craftsmen are valued. The main issues are social protection and public health. Increasing interest in technical improvements; questions about the protection of animals and the environment are being addressed.

These are general trends.

As for Moldova, there are interesting aspects in the horoscope of our country.

Transiting Saturn forms a Square (inharmonious aspect) to the Natal Sun (until May 2015). The sun symbolizes power, so there may be difficulties in creating the Government, the distribution of posts and posts; it is difficult to agree on priorities in the coalition.

From January to the end of March 2015, Transiting Pluto will be in Conjunction with Neptune and Transiting Uranus in Quadrature with Neptune, which is in the Third House on the Map of Moldova - problems in the water supply system and transport communications will worsen. The activation of criminal elements, including those related to drugs, is also likely.

Transit Saturn will be in the Second House (House of money) of the Map of Moldova, - it is possible to reduce the volume of cash receipts into the country, limit tranches and loans from foreign partners. The exchange rate of the national currency is unlikely to strengthen.

Author: Irina Vartichan