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Registration of marriage is undoubtedly a very important event in a person's life.

And, knowing the date of marriage, in retrospect, we can more accurately determine the time of birth to the nearest minute.

Next, I want to present you the rules and conditions that must be present in the symbolic directorates at the time of registration of marriage, in order for the event to occur, in this case marriage. These rules were developed by the team of the Moscow Academy of Astrology together with astrologer Irina Shitukhina.

Having been applied in over a thousand horoscopes, these rules are now recommended for use.

Thus, the basic rule of Mikhail Levin-Eizen

In symbolic directions (1 degree = 1 year): Any significant event, or even a minor one, can only happen if the Planet significator of the event makes an aspect to the house cusp that rules this event.

When registering a marriage, all attention is directed to the 7th house. The planet that symbolizes the 7th house is called the significator om, it can be:

- Ruler of the 7th house

- Cusp 7 houses

- Planet(s) 7th house

- Planet conjunct 7th house cusp

- Planet conjunct 7th Ruler

- According to the rule, at the time of marriage, one of the natal planets listed above must form an aspect with the directional Descendant, or the directional planet forms an aspect with the natal Descendant.

This rule applies both to symbolic directions and to the method of secondary, tertiary, weekly, and reverse progressions. According to research, this rule is 100% relevant for symbolic directions and secondary progressions of Rudhyar, for other types of progressions, the rule works 70-80%

Rule 2: At the time of marriage in symbolic directorates, 4 mandatory conditions must be met:

Condition 1:

The presence of the aspect of Directional Saturn to the angular houses.

This means having an aspect of Directional Saturn to the natal angular axes ASC-DSC or IC-MC, or Directional axes to natal Saturn.

Condition 2:

The presence of a direct or indirect directional aspect between Mercury and one of the angular axes

This means the presence of a direct or indirect aspect of Directional Mercury to the natal angular axes ASC-DSC or IC-MC, or the Directional axes form a direct or indirect aspect to natal Mercury. The indirect aspect of Mercury means that if in the Natal chart Mercury is in conjunction with a planet or planets, then it is enough for at least one of these planets to form an aspect to the angular axes, and the condition is considered fulfilled. This applies especially to the registration of the first marriage, for the registration of II and subsequent marriages, Mercury will directly or indirectly aspect the axis 3-9.

And why exactly Saturn and Mercury have such an important role? It should be noted that in such cases, the official registration of the marriage takes place - the social status of the native changes and this moment is registered, that is, an entry is made in the acts of civil status.

Condition 3:

To register the first marriage, the significator planet of the 7th house forms an aspect to the angular axis IC-MC.

Planets that symbolize the 7th house, according to this condition:

Ruler of the 7th house (Planet that rules the sign of the 7th house, and also the planet that rules the included sign of the 7th house)

Planet(s) in 7th house

Significator 7th house - Venus

Condition 4:

For registration of the first marriage:

In the female chart, the Sun or Mars form a direct aspect with an angular axis.

In the male chart, the Moon and Venus form a direct or indirect aspect with an angular axis. For the conclusion of the first marriage, this condition is mandatory, for subsequent marriages, an exception is possible.

The study used the Placidus house system. It is in this system that these rules and these conditions work exactly. But other systems of houses (Koch, Campanus, Regiomontanus) can also be used, since the corner houses will still not change, only the 3-9 axis will change according to the rule of Mercury.

The types of aspects used in this study, and in the Academy of Astrology, are as follows:













One and a half square-135




It is necessary that one of the above aspects be formed for the rule to be considered satisfied. In symbolic directions, the following orbs are used: 1 degree for major and minor aspects to planets, 2 degrees to the Sun for major and 1 degree for minor aspects, for the Moon 1.5 degrees for major and 1 degree for minor aspects.

Important to remember: All conditions must be met at the same time. For clarity, I will give an example: the natal chart of Princess Diana of Wales:

Princess Diana of Wales

July 1, 1961, 19:45, Sandringham 52N50, 0E30, GMT 18:45

Indicators of the 7th house: Ruler-Mercury, Cusp of the 7th house in Gemini, Planets of the 7th house-Mercury and the Sun Planetele, Venus as the significator of the 7th house.

Marriage Registration July 29, 1981 11:00 am London

Symbolic Directions:

Directional Saturn forms a sextile, and accordingly trine with the Ascendant-Descendant natal.

Directional Mercury forms a square with the natal axis IC-MC.

Directional Descendant conjunct natal Sun.

IC directional forms a biquintile with natal Mars.

The natal Descendant forms a semi-square with natal Venus.

As we noticed, all the rules are observed at the same time. The Levin-Eisen rule manifested itself through the aspect of the conjunction of the Sun and the directional Descendant. The rule of Saturn manifested through a trine to the natal Descendant. And since Mercury is also the ruler of the 7th house, and the planet of the 7th house, and must directly participate in the aspect when registering marriage, we will assume that conditions 2 and 3 are fulfilled through the square of Mercury. Through the conjunction of the Sun and the directional Descendant, the 4th condition was also fulfilled. And also there is an aspect of directional IC to natal Mars, but you can no longer attach importance, since the 4th condition was fulfilled through the Sun. As we can see, all conditions are met and the Levin-Eisen rule was fulfilled. Sometimes the same planet takes part in the fulfillment of several rules.

Author: Kristina Guzinskaya