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When a planet is in an included sign, its influence is somewhat hidden and elusive, and motivations can go unnoticed and unused for a long time, in an unconscious state. These energies can be restored, with difficulty, or not. These planets can influence on the inner level, subtly, barely noticeable. There is an opinion that these planets begin to work actively, or "wake up" after 40 years, but only if a conscious effort is made.

All planets in the horoscope, regardless of their position in the natal houses, show the motivations and characteristics of that planet. And in the case when the planet is in the included sign, the motivation of this planet is hardly understood and realized. Even in the case when motivation is nevertheless understood, outwardly there are no circumstances for its implementation. In some ways, it resembles the retrograde of the planet.

For example, the included Sun will show difficulties in realizing one's own path in life, difficulties in maturation, self-doubt. When Jupiter is in an included sign, the goal is very little realized and understood, optimism and expansion can be suppressed. However, in practice there are very early cases when people make a career precisely on the included planet, for example, Jupiter included in the 6th or 10th house will present difficulties in the legal profession, but practice sometimes shows the opposite.

This means that there are factors that help in the manifestation of the energies of these planets.

Below I want to present a few rules that are not the ultimate truth, but can serve as a tool for further research. The study was conducted in the Placidus house system.

Factors that help the manifestation and realization of the included planets:

Ruler of an included planet Not included planet

The ruler of an included planet is essentially strong and is not an included planet.

Ruler of an included planet in a cardinal house (specifically 1:10) and is not an included planet.

The ruler of an included planet stands high, closest to the MC, or is a planet without aspects, the so-called. planet in the mine.

Reception between the included planet and the ruler (co-rulers are also taken into account)

The included planet is in a stellium that begins or ends in another sign.

An included planet is in conjunction at the beginning or end of a sign with another planet in an adjacent sign. If this planet is strong in essence, strong in house and configuration, in conjunction with the South Node of the Moon.

The included planet is in conjunction (5 degrees) with the cusp of the house where the included sign is located or with the cusp of the next house.

The ruler of the included planet, or the planet/(s) is in conjunction with the cusp of the house where the included sign is located.

An included planet during the last 2 to 3 degrees of a sign. (?)

The included planet is the king of aspects. That network is the most aspected planet in the horoscope.

The last two rules should be further researched, because we do not have statistics.

In synastric astrology, an included planet can be helped by partner planets, especially if they form conjunctions.

Example: A map of one woman who already at the age of 25 had a successful career in banking, reaching the position of Director of Marketing and Banking Services.The planet in the included sign

  1. Analysis: Mars, Saturn (ruler of the 10th house) and Pluto are in Libra in an included sign. Venus, the ruler of the included sign, is in the 10th house in conjunction with the Sun and the South Lunar Node. Saturn and Venus have mutual reception
  2. Successful businessman:Here we have the Sun and the Moon included in Sagittarius, in the 4th house, the ruler of the included planet Jupiter is weak in essence, but is in conjunction with the Ascendant. And one more rule that proved itself: the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune with the cusp of the 4th house. And indeed, the native felt his Moon and Sun only when he started writing music (Mercury and Neptune)
  3. Queen of England Elizabeth II.Here we see the two planets included, Mars and Jupiter in the first house, and the junior ruler Saturn is in the highest position, in conjunction with the MC, in double reception with Mars, which rules the 10th house. Jupiter is in double reception with Uranus. Neptune is the most aspected planet in this chart.
  4. The horoscope of a man who did not work a single day in his life was supported by his mother all his life.
  5. In this horoscope we have included Mars, Venus and Mercury, in Taurus at 10. The ruler of the 10th house, Mars, is essentially weak and is also an included planet in conjunction with its Dispositor, Venus, which, unfortunately, is also an included planet. Uranus is included in the 4th house, and the minor ruler is Mars, he is also included. Therefore, it should be noted that the Ruler “included” in the sign presents difficulties in realizing the energy of these planets.I would also like to add a few words about the included Lunar Nodes.
  6. The inclusion of the Lunar Nodes does not reduce the problems and does not cancel the tasks indicated in the horoscope, quite the contrary, it accentuates the problems of these houses. In the life of the native, crises appear on the theme of these houses. The complexity of this position lies in the fact that the essence of the problem is difficult to comprehend since the properties of the included sign are poorly understood. And achieving node scenario implementation is harder to modify. Until the program of the North Node is realized, all efforts to implement it will be useless.
  7. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the included lunar nodes indicate initially hidden, and very difficult to solve problems, and even when these problems come to the surface, it does not get any easier.I express my special gratitude to Olga Galankina, an astrologer of the Moscow Academy of Astrology, for the idea and research of this topic
  8. .Author: Kristina Guzinskaya