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Here it is April! Nature begins to fully come to life

and make us happy with the sun

rays, a riot of colors, birds singing

and the opportunity to be outdoors more and more often!

From 2.04 to 25.04 - Mercury turns into retro movement - From the point of view of esotericism, this is a return to the past, turning inward, rethinking the experience gained.

In ordinary life, problems may arise in the field of communications, quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings are possible. It is recommended not to respond to rudeness with rudeness. It is possible to renew old relationships, love or friendship.

Let us remind you once again what it is better not to do during this period:

It is better to postpone large financial transactions. You should not borrow or lend money, do not buy anything new, especially equipment. It is not recommended to start new projects. It is better to write down ideas and plans so that they can be implemented later. It is advisable to postpone signing important documents, changing jobs and taking on a new position.

Surgery should be avoided to avoid recurrences in the future. When traveling, you need to be attentive to transport schedules (they may change); technical problems, transport breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances are also possible.

What is the best thing to do during this period:

It is possible and necessary to restore order in affairs and in the house, for example, clear away the rubble. Clean up your list of friends on social networks, revise the information part of your life. You can finish what you started, go to places you’ve already been to, buy used things. Finish old projects.

5.04 – Venus moves into the sign of Aries. A period of spring aggravation and contradictions in relations begins. Vivid feelings are replaced by strong experiences. There is a lack of funds for daily expenses. Strict cost control and economy mode will likely be required.

8.04 - total lunar eclipse on the Libra - Aries axis. The eclipse corridor, which began on March 25, is ending. During this period, some experience malaise, loss of strength and emotional exhaustion. These days it is better to walk more and do things that bring you pleasure. Meditation and cleansing rituals will be useful.

Try to control your emotional manifestations so as not to provoke a conflict; it is better to try, by taking the initiative, to restore those previously destroyed.

This is a bad time for transactions, opening new projects and changing professions, moving, formalizing relationships and others.

20.04 – The Sun moves into the sign of Taurus. This period will allow us to become more cautious, practical and persistent. It will be more difficult to make decisions regarding something new and everything where it is necessary to use a flexible approach. Communicating with nature or a cozy chair in front of the TV with a delicious sandwich will help relieve stress.

30.04 – Mars moves into the sign of Aries. At this time, people become more energetic, decisive, active and proactive. They are as open as possible in their actions. Some may awaken the spirit of struggle and competition, the desire to emerge victorious from any fight, to defend what they have won, to uphold justice, which is often accompanied by conflicts and stress. It is best to direct this energy to labor feats.

Favorable days

(We use these days taking into account the above recommendations; these are periods while the Moon, before leaving the sign, is only on harmonious aspects).

04/3/2024, 6:12 - 7:40 – Moon in Capricorn

Today, “he who gets up early...” is a great guy. It’s a very short interval, but if you get organized, and Capricorn facilitates this, you can take advantage of this period. We take into account the retrograde of Mercury, the eclipse corridor - we are not starting something new. You can send an important message, launch an intermediate stage of a project or promotion, sign up for an exam, or schedule an important meeting.

  4.04.2024, 22:24 - 5.04.2024, 7:39 – Moon in Aquarius

Time for “night owls” and “larks”, for those working remotely or in other time zones. You can use the recommendations from the previous period. It is also good for study, intellectual activity, networking, and travel.

04/6/2024, 12:15 - 04/7/2024, 10:26 – Moon in Pisces

The moon is deeply waning, “balsamic”, but not yet in the sign of the new moon. We save energy. It is better not to plan active events this weekend. If you include recreation in your program, especially in nature, a swimming pool, spa treatments, meditative practices, then you will accumulate powerful potential, efficiency and productivity for the entire working week.

04/9/2024, 16:40 - 04/11/2024, 12:03 – Moon in Taurus

A fairly wide period, the Moon in growth and a strong sign for itself, contributes to practical matters. A good time to implement business projects, especially if they are related to production. Do something pleasant, for example, pay attention to your body, do not ignore your desires and needs, of course, within the limits of what is reasonable and truly useful. Treat yourself to delicious and nutritious food.

04/15/2024, 21:15 - 04/16/2024, 1:21 – Moon in Cancer

Dedicate this time to your loved ones, loved ones, family, children. Perhaps your warmth, attention and care will help someone a lot today