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The Astrological Research Center offers:

– individual consultations of an astrologer on solving important life problems;

- information Services; - seminars on astrology and other occult disciplines;

- astrological and occult literature; - souvenirs, incense.

Consulting services

To get advice from an astrologer, you must first leave the exact data of your birth: year, month, date, time to the nearest minute, as well as the place of birth (locality). All this will be required to draw up a horoscope (or natal chart). If the time of birth is not accurate, then there is an astrological method (rectification of the natal chart) that allows you to clarify the time. This will require the dates of important events in your life (a kind of autobiography). The more facts about yourself are presented, the more effective the work of an astrologer will be. Next, you need to specify the topic of the consultation, i.е. what questions and problems led you to an astrologer.

Suggested questions:

- solving personal problems (family, love, raising children, self-realization, career, financial situation, relationships, etc.); – consultation for parents: an individual approach to raising children, early identification of abilities, harmonization of relations with your child; – consultation for applicants: the most successful choice of a future profession;

— advice on compatibility issues: partners in marriage, work, business, etc. (in the presence of natal charts); - individual forecasts (for a month, a year);

- choosing a favorable time: for marriage, opening a company, shop, change of residence, etc.; - the answer to a clearly formulated question (this is a horary chart, the method does not require a natal chart, it does not imply the need to penetrate deeply into the problem, but quickly gives very clear answers "yes" - "no")