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Horoscop Republica Moldova

Declaration of Independence of Moldova - August 27, 1991 11:56 (Chisinau). The Sun in the Natal Chart (horoscope) of Moldova is in the Sign of Virgo.


The planet in the included sign

When a planet is in an included sign, its influence is somewhat hidden and elusive, and motivations can go unnoticed and unused for a long time, in an unconscious state. These energies can be restored, with difficulty, or not. These planets can influence on the inner level, subtly, barely noticeable. There is an opinion that these planets begin to work actively, or "wake up" after 40 years, but only if a conscious effort is made.



Registration of marriage is undoubtedly a very important event in a person's life. And, knowing the date of marriage, in retrospect, we can more accurately determine the time of birth to the nearest minute.


Effects of Venus Retrograde in 2017

A retrograde planet is when, from the point of view of an earthly observer, it moves in the opposite direction in the Zodiac. "Backing back" in 2017 Venus in Aries and Pisces. A retro turn is at 14 degrees Aries, and a straight turn is at 26 degrees Pisces.



Astro palmistry is the oldest science of revealing information about a person according to the features of the shapes of hands, palmar lines, signs.


Haircut lunar calendar for April 2017

Spring has come, and every woman wants to be transformed, to "bloom" together with nature. And we have prepared for you, our dear ones (not only women, but also men), a haircut calendar for April


Mars Retrograd

Mars Retrograd anonce


Mercury Retrograd

Mercury Retrograd anonce