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Aspects of the week.

February 19.

Sun ingression into Pisces.

February 22.

Venus - Conjunction - Mars.

Feelings and actions.

February 23.

Mercury ingression into Pisces.

25 February.

Venus - Square - Jupiter.

A ostentatious demonstration of success.


By doing common things in a public organization, you will develop a special sympathy for your friend.

And in order to impress, you will splurge with money, demonstrating your generosity.


In work, help from a woman occupying a higher position.

But you will be too intrusive to attract the personal attention of this lady.


A romantic meeting away from home, a relationship with a foreigner.

However, this person will not be the one he pretended to be at the beginning of the acquaintance.


A time of strong passions, difficult to contain feelings and love adventures, which can harm your authority in a group of like-minded people.


An active position in winning a partner - both personal and business.

As for the business sphere, the choice of a partner will not be approved by society.


Increased emotional levels in the workplace.

Problems with female employees due to business travel assignments.


You will not hide your desires in love, but the desire for pleasure can become excessive and lead to large expenses.


Mutual claims with household members.

Thoughtless, impulsive spending, which causes quarrels between parents and your other half.


Acquaintance on the road in places of entertainment, in transport.

Do not trust your car to a friend - there is a danger of violations due to the desire to show off with a beautiful car.


Additional income from easy work.

But the money will not stay long - spend a large amount on entertainment or on children.


You can fall in love, and the initiative will come from you.

The strength of feelings will increase, but your parents will not approve of your choice.


A past love affair may come to light.

Increased sexuality will push you to have a secret affair, and you will be caught in immoral behavior.