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Aspects of the week.

October 11.

Mercury ingression into Libra.

12 October.

Sun - Trine - Saturn.


12 October.

Mars - Square - Neptune.

Blurred action.

12 October.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter.

Failure to fulfill promises.

October 14.

Venus - Trine - Saturn.

Seriousness in a relationship.


The danger of blackmail or denunciation by acquaintances or neighbors whom you trusted.

Personal relationships take on the color of serious love and friendship.

Clarification of relations with a business partner.


Material loss due to carelessness or absent-mindedness.

Don't lend to friends.

Tangible results in creative work.

Anxiety and fuss about the health of pets.


Under the influence of emotions, you can make a scandal at work.

A romantic acquaintance on the Internet will develop into a strong relationship.

Children have an exacerbation of conflict in the school community.


On a long trip, you may be lured into a dubious business that turns out to be illegal.

You can receive an old but valuable painting as a gift.

Visit of uninvited guests.


A friend can get into a dangerous situation involving water or poisoning.

Serious presentation with an essay on the topic of art history.

Fatigue from communicating with relatives.


Due to the dishonesty of a business partner, you have a chance to ruin your reputation in business.

Financial incentive for work in another field.

You can be cheated at the checkout in the store for a small amount.


The business trip will turn out to be strange and confusing and with deception on the part of colleagues.

You will make a lasting impression on a person much older than you in age.

The partner will not fulfill his promises.


Recreational activities on the water, in the pool are fraught with an accident.

The long-awaited return of relatives from afar.

Anxiety about information from a doctor about your health.


Relationship problems with a personal partner due to dishonesty or infidelity.

Meeting with friends, classmates, but in smaller numbers.

Botlivye are expelled, the most reliable remain.


Danger of burns from caustic liquids, especially if you work in transport.

Concentration of attention on interesting creative work.

But you will be distracted by phone calls from household members.


Children can fall under bad influence.

You will be seriously interested in the paintings of another country.

But a lot of useless contacts in the network.


Attempts to improve relations with parents will lead to the fact that the situation will become even more confused.

You will find a secluded place to hide valuables.

But do not keep a lot of money in your wallet - the danger is from pickpockets.