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Aspects of the week.

18 October.

Sun - Trine - Mars.

Bold behaviour.

19 October.

Venus - Trine - Mars.

Dynamics in romantic relationships.

19 October.

Sun - Square - Pluto.


The 20th of October.

Venus Square - Pluto.

Emotional agitation.

October 23.

Sun - Conjunction - Venus.

Vivid feelings.

October 23.

Mercury - Trine - Saturn.

Systematic thinking.

October 23.

The Sun is ingression into Scorpio.

October 23.

Vengera - ingression into Scorpio.

October 23.

Saturn turns forward.


You will be quite mobile and contact and get to know a bright personality.

Your other half may have serious pressure from the boss.

A constructive meeting with an important partner.


Profit from art craft made by one's own hands.

A business trip can be stressful due to the outrageous behavior of a colleague.

Refinement of details in the working project.


A declaration of love, moreover, the initiative belongs to you.

But, do not overdo it in gambling - loss is inevitable.

Children will get good results in their studies.


You will retire at home, immersed in creative work.

But this is not for long.

A partner will take you out of creative solitude to sort things out.

Real estate insurance.


Participation in cultural events with friends and in general with nice people.

Relatives may face health problems.

Participation in a scientific seminar.


Encouragement in the form of a bonus or gift for a job done quickly.

But then you have to spend a lot on children.

Useful information - how to improve health.


A romantic proposal from a foreigner to go somewhere together.

But households will break off your emotional mood.

But the children will be obedient and responsible.


A secret date will leave a very vivid and intimate feeling.

Relatives can get into some kind of isolation.

Receiving a letter regarding your ancestors or pedigree.


Active actions in finding the right partners for advertising.

Money expenses associated with friends.

Meeting with classmates.


High spirits in the work team, joint celebration.

But, if you are the boss, you will quickly interrupt the non-work mood of the employees.


A bright romantic acquaintance on a trip can end in problems due to weather conditions.

On the Internet, you will find the necessary information on the topic that interests you.


Making a decision to improve living conditions.

Change in the house.

Friends can get in trouble.

Solitary lesson on the occult theme.