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Aspects of the week.

September 19th.

Sun - Trine - Pluto.

Belonging to an egregor.

September 20th.

Venus - Trine - Uranus.

Non-standard sensory experience.

23 September.

Sun ingression into Libra.

23 September.

Sun - Conjunction - Mercury.

Subjectivity of thinking.

September 24th.

Venus Opposition Neptune.

Romantic fantasies.


Concentration of energy on business in the work team.

Your workplace will be decorated with an original painting.

The danger is imperceptibly sorted out with alcohol.


Your creative project will be coolly marked on the Internet.

A new romantic acquaintance with unexpectedly pleasant impressions will lead to a dual situation with an existing partner.


Getting financial help from parents.

Sudden visit of pleasant guests from afar.

But then the guests will begin to complain, exaggerating their problems.


Participation in an occult seminar on Runes and Tarot.

Unexpected invitation from classmates.

An unpleasant meeting with a drunk neighbor.


Financial incentive for work.

Buying an extravagant dress that will lose its appeal when washed.


Bright intense date.

A trip to an unusually beautiful place.

Suspicion of partner's infidelity.


The return of relatives from dangerous places.

Secret rendezvous in non-standard conditions.

Drinking alcohol will exacerbate memories of past love.


Participation in a scientific seminar.

Meeting with classmates will leave an amazing impression.

A sentimental girlfriend will complain to you about her life.


In the first place - work and making a profit.

The boss will positively note your creative approach to business.

Long awaited letter from a friend.


An important business trip abroad will coincide with a romantic acquaintance on the way.

Your achievements in work will be noted in the press.


Occult experiments with powerful results.

Unexpectedly, things will turn out well with property insurance.

Invitation to study abroad.


Participation in political rallies.

Unexpectedly receiving a letter from a person you care about.

But you will be confused and will not know what to do with it.