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Aspects of the week.

January 2.

Mercury - Sextile - Neptune.

Fascination with secrets.

January 3rd

Venus ingression into Aquarius.

4 January.

Venus - Sextile - Jupiter.

Cultural rest.

5 January.

Sun - Trine - Uranus.

Insight and great ideas.

January 7th.

Sun - Conjunction - Mercury.

verbal activity.

January 8.

Mercury - Trine - Uranus.

Non-standard ideas.


You will be trusted with classified information at work.

You will be able to use it to extract material benefits.

Participation in a group celebration.


On a long trip, a fellow traveler will share his secrets.

In addition, there will be a meeting with a bright person from the past, which will make an indelible impression on you.

Secret patronage of an influential lady.


Information about repeated financial compensation.

Amazingly productive occult research and experimentation.

Bright voyage in a friendly company.


A spiritual pilgrimage with a partner will lead to a renewal of your circle of friends in the face of bright and non-standard personalities.

Solid bonus at work.


Re-examination of the body.

You will feel more freedom and independence in the work of connection with the change of bosses.

A trip with the second half on a prestigious vacation.


Children will be very frank with you.

As a surprise for them, you will go on an amazing trip to exotic places together.

Cosmetic correction of the face will give a positive effect.


Repeated use of herbal infusions for health.

In the family library you will find a book of unique occult content.

Attend a concert with your partner.


Relatives will share personal secrets.

An unexpected celebration in the form of an engagement or wedding with a brother or sister.

Bringing comfort and beauty to your bedroom.


Bath and toilet disinfection.

Material allowance for a non-standard idea in the field of IT technologies.

Cultural rest in a prestigious club.


You will be able to talk silent neighbors.

The spirit of adventurism will wake up in you, and you will decide to fly in a hot air balloon in winter weather.

Buying expensive curtains for the living room.


Successfully hide the cash stash.

Unexpected news from relatives who are far away.

You will be very attractive in appearance, and many will want to get to know you right on the street or in transport.


A friend will entrust you with his secrets and invite you to participate in an astrological seminar where you will meet amazing people.

An expensive gift from a person who would rather remain incognito.