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Aspects of the week.

The 25th of January.

Sun - Sextile - Jupiter.

Optimism and self-confidence.

January 27th.

Venus ingression into Pisces.

January 29.

Sun - Trin - Mars.

Uplifting, free energy.


Meeting with friends who share your views.

You can safely count on active effective help from relatives and friends.


The successful implementation of a major project that will remain a secret.

Additional work will quickly be done and will bring tangible income.


Participation in a large educational retreat.

You will be at the forefront of events, and also prove yourself in a sporting event.


Your debt will be returned.

Your activity will be linked to a secret mission.

You will comprehend the secrets of martial arts.


Successful legal cases.

You can count on the real help of well-known influential or simply talented people.


Payment of health insurance.

You will take responsibility for your colleagues at work, showing the talent of an organizer.


You will be the center of attention at the gala event.

You are called by the Wind of wanderings, active rest on a long trip.


Creative arrangement of the house and life, creation of an interior.

Your magical abilities will be useful for solving cases related to inheritance or insurance.


Watching the sensational film "Cheburashka" in the cinema with children.

Participation in social events and active search for business connections.


Acquisition of real estate or land on fertile land.

Sports activities aimed at improving health.


I want to do good.

A noble act towards loved ones.

Self-confidence and splashing energy contribute to victories on the love front.


Good profit from work done in solitude.

You will be making things, rebuilding your home, and making decisions to improve your living conditions.