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Aspects of the week.

27th October.

Mercury - Trine - Mars.

Entrepreneurship and determination.

27th October.

Mercury - Square - Pluto.

Freudian slips.

28 of October.

Retro Jupiter moves into Pisces.

29th of October.

Mercury ingression into Scorpio.

October 30.

Mars is turning back.


You will be in constant motion.

Meetings, negotiations take a lot of time, but give the opportunity to be in the flow.

The partner has a difficult relationship with superiors due to lack of restraint in words.


Success in matters related to information and the press, the revival of trade.

But it is better to refuse a business trip.


Outdoor activities, outdoor sports, a trip to Orhei Land.

But the children will show disobedience, will be insolent.


You will protect your close relative, but he will not know about it.

With a partner - a showdown, claims due to unfulfilled promises.


Activities for the benefit of a team of like-minded people.

Trip with friends.

Medical tests of a relative will make you wary.


The work will be assisted by people who provide the necessary information in time.

Material expenses associated with children.


Study trip, participation in a field seminar.

But close relatives or parents will blow your mind, remembering the harsh words you expressed to them.


You may be admitted to the secret archives and offered a short dangerous business trip.

Relatives may be faced with a situation where something secret comes out to their detriment.


Distribution of booklets, leaflets or other promotional products.

Friends will need financial assistance from you.


The flow of business information will increase.

There will be a need to travel somewhere, coordinate, agree on work.

And as a result, you will not restrain yourself and get rude to the authorities.


More time will be devoted to children, their sports and education.

On a long trip, you will encounter problems associated with checking documents.


Cases with home contents insurance will pass quickly and without slips.

A sad event for one of my friends.