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Aspects of the week.

November 7th.

Venus - Square - Saturn.

Cooling of the senses.

November 8th.

Moon eclipse.

November 8th.

Sun - Conjunction - Mercury.

verbal activity.

November 9.

Mercury - Opposition - Uranus.

Chaos in contacts.

November 9.

Sun - Opposition - Uranus.

The hustle and bustle.

10th of November.

Mercury - Square - Saturn.

Communication fatigue.

10th of November.

Veneroa - Trine - Neptune.

Subtle understanding of beauty.

11th of November.

Sun - Square - Saturn.

Exaggerated self-criticism.

November 12th.

Mercury - Trine - Neptune.

intellectual imagination.


Loneliness and misunderstanding in the circle of people with whom there used to be warm relations.

Loss of a friend.

Your monetary assets will cease to be valuable.

Force majeure circumstances associated with significant financial costs.


A business project is going through a crisis that may end in its cancellation, despite significant efforts from partners.

A personal partner will piss you off with his overconfident statements.


The business trip will be extremely problematic due to the behavior of colleagues.

In addition, phones, computers can be capricious and fail.

All this hassle can affect your well-being.


You will move from one company to another, constantly in contact with unfamiliar people.

Children can be put in dangerous health situations.


Your desire to make the house bright, festive, cheerful will be broken off by the lack of support and even condemnation of your plans by the second half.

Management may change at work.


A lot of time and effort will be given to the participation in the problems of relatives who will feel worse.

Sudden and determined attempts to drop out of school or transfer to another university.


A bad period for gambling - from painful losses to large losses.

In addition, the danger of a collision with crime is a wallet or a life.


You will try to be attentive, polite, affectionate with your parents, but they will not hear you, they will even show coldness and indifference.

An unexpected turn in personal relationships, the partner will start acting weird.


You will completely withdraw into yourself, preferring to do spiritual practices alone.

You will not answer calls by turning off your phone.

Or you will be isolated from communication due to internet failures.


Participation in social activities will be troublesome and problematic.

You will have to seriously spend money on the interests of a group of like-minded people or a party.

Children don't listen.


Bright events happen at work, but it’s as if they forgot about you, and you are painfully worried about it.

In the house, the electrical wiring may burn out, the computer may fail, the Internet may turn off.


Serious problems on a long trip, difficulties in adapting to a new place, ideological differences with foreigners.

Navigator is broken in the car.