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Aspects of the week.

January 9.

Venus - Trine - Mars.

Sensual pleasures.

January 12th.

Mars turns forward.

13th of January.

Sun - Sextile - Neptune.

Expansion of perception.

January 15.

Venus - Square - Uranus.

Emotional Torment.


Meeting on the road with a friend will lead to sympathy between you.

But at the end of the week, unexpected expenses because of this lady.

Fulfillment of a delicate assignment from superiors.


Profit from works of art or cosmetics.

Reward for easy work.

An unpleasant surprise from a woman at work.

A trip in the company of creative people.


Decisiveness and perseverance in cooperation with women from abroad.

But at the end of the week some lady will suddenly disappear somewhere.

Random profit from obscure work.


Secret or disinterested help from a woman will end with an inadequate negative reaction of friends to her noble act.

Communication with a spiritual person on the Internet.


Active pastime with nice people at collective holidays will ultimately have a negative impact on work and relationships with superiors.

A pet will bring offspring.


Achieving the goal in the work will be helped by women and a diplomatic approach.

But a creative business trip will suddenly fail.

Visiting a sacred music concert.


You will make a special impression on the person you meet on a trip abroad.

But children will create additional problems for you.

Meditation will help you calm down.


You risk inviting a sexual partner to your home.

This is fraught with consequences in the form of exposure from the second half.

Visiting a photographic exhibition with the children.


Active position in cooperation with partners of the opposite sex.

A relative has unexpected health problems.

Buying an aquarium or a fountain for comfort in your home.


High spirits in the work team, joint celebrations and awards.

But the prize will suddenly have to be spent on children.

Relatives will share their secrets.


Romantic meetings, love affairs, passionate confessions.

But parents will accuse you of frivolity and break off your emotional outburst.

A noble gesture in the form of helping those in need.


A nice lady will secretly visit your house.

But the neighbors are not asleep and will definitely publish this information.

Participation in the event for the protection of flora and fauna.