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Aspects of the week.

December 28th.

Venus - Sextile - Neptune.

Pleasant fantasies.

December 29th.

Mercury turns retro.

December 29th.

Mercury - Conjunction - Venus.

Communication with nice people.

January 1st.

Venus - Conjunction - Pluto.

Intensity of emotions.


A woman at work will tell you about her secrets and secret desires.

The result is passion and an office romance.


A pleasant trip with nice and smart people will end with intense personal interest in you from a pushy foreigner.


New Year's gift in the form of a beautiful envelope with money from the authorities.

Very violent and emotional sex with a fantastic partner.


A cute correspondence with a mysterious foreigner can lead to a strong emotional connection between you.


A cat or a dog will delight and touch you with the birth of cute babies.

A work colleague will show an undisguised personal interest in you.


Sentimental declarations of love in verse from the second half.

Impressed, you invite her to a magical performance in the theater.


An aquarium with magical fish will appear in the house.

In this regard, the rearrangement of furniture according to Feng Shui.


Visiting a concert of unique music or ballet "The Nutcracker".

One of the relatives will have a fateful personal event.


The Christmas tree will fill your home with a fresh forest scent.

Buying expensive jewelry.


Inspiration will descend on you in the form of a soulful performance of a classic romance.

Magical transformation of your appearance.


You accidentally find a valuable piece of jewelry lost by someone.

A secret date with a love from the past.


New Year's corporate party among friends or like-minded people will be held in a very confidential manner.

The sponsor will provide your group with solid financial assistance.