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Aspects of the week.

February 13.

Mars ingression into Aquarius.

The 14th of February.

Mars - Conjunction - Pluto.


February 16.

Venus ingression in Aquarius.

February 17.

Mercury - Square - Uranus.


February 17.

Venus – Conjunction – Pluto.

Intensity of desires.


You will strive to achieve a more influential position in the organization of which you are a member.

Unforeseen expenses for friends.


It's time to enter the public arena and demonstrate emotional passion for the business project.

However, nervousness due to the abundance of information.


Your interest in other peoples and cultures will become more serious.

On a long trip, there is a high probability of meeting a person for whom intense desire will awaken.

But there is a nuisance in the form of unexpected loss of documents.


Money and other material resources you received in the form of help and favors will have to be returned.

Unexpected shocking news from a friend.


You will try to manipulate your partner, or a more powerful partner will do the same to you.

Your job offer will cause an inadequate reaction from your superiors and will be rejected.


You should pay closer attention to your own body, apply a suitable diet, and do physical exercise.

An expected business trip suddenly breaks down.


Your relationship with your children may come down to the level of mutual manipulation.

Creativity will require deeper understanding and greater effort to unlock your true potential.


Your home will become a place where your personal influence and control is exercised.

Reconstruction, repair, interior renovation may become one of your important decisions.


You will be observant and in control of your immediate environment.

A karmic connection with brothers and sisters may appear.

Breakdown of household appliances and computers.


Adverse consequences are possible as a result of using money to manipulate others.

You can make a lot of money on cryptocurrency, but lose in gambling.


You will decide to make your character more dynamic, gain the image of a strong person, get into good physical shape, but your ideas will not be supported by your household.


You will study various psychological techniques to understand how your subconscious mind manifests itself on a conscious level.

Yoga and qigong classes in solitude.

Unpleasant news from relatives.