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Aspects of the week.

28th of February.

Sun – Conjunction – Mercury.

Smart thoughts.

28th of February.

Mercury – Conjunction – Saturn.

Concentration of the mind.

28th of February.

Sun – Conjunction – Saturn.


February 29.

Mercury – Sextile – Jupiter.

Generalization of information.

March 1.

Sun – Sextile – Jupiter.

Strengthening self-esteem.

March, 3rd.

Venus – Square – Uranus.

Emotional instability.


Those people for whom you are responsible will have to spend time alone or face other difficulties.

Your financial assistance will come in handy for them.

One of the friends will behave in a defiant manner.


Perhaps you will take custody of a child who is not your blood relative. Your participation in the activities of a particular group will become more significant.

Uneasy emotional atmosphere at work.


Your achievements in the business sphere will be accompanied by additional responsibilities associated with secret assignments.

You will have to more clearly define your life course.

While traveling, you may encounter inappropriate behavior from an exalted person.


You will become more involved in cultural or political groups, and will engage in education or specialized training.

A friend may find herself in an extreme situation.


The joint income you receive through your business partnership will require you to be responsible and capable of making mature decisions.

You will handle matters with the tax inspector professionally.

But an unpleasant surprise awaits you from the second half.


Legal issues will be dealt with in a favorable atmosphere.

The same is true for negotiating contracts with foreigners.

But while traveling, you may suddenly develop a sore throat or your kidneys may suddenly begin to bother you.


Focused efforts on orderliness and organization of work.

You will eat a healthy diet and visit the dentist for preventive care.

In romantic relationships, conflict comes out of the blue.


The desire for stronger and more stable relationships.

Managing your selfish desires will teach you to enjoy the variety of life.

Although your household will get on your nerves.


Additional responsibilities towards family members.

You will insist on a preventive examination by a doctor for your parents.

A family may have a pet that will require care.

The car will have to pass inspection.


Although there may be various kinds of restrictions at this time, you will understand how and when to act so that you have more free time to spend on literary creativity.

A thoughtless purchase of a beautiful but useless thing.


You will seriously think about how to manage your money.

As a result, a decision is made to invest money in real estate or to purchase the necessary furniture for the house.

Children will show amazing disobedience.


Correcting deficiencies in your own image.

You will want to come across as a serious, intelligent and charismatic person, so you will decide to take personal growth courses.

The arrival of an unexpected relative from afar is out of the blue.