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Aspects of the week.

January 30.

Mercury - Trine - Uranus.

Genius ideas.

February 4th.

Sun - Square - Uranus.

Excitement and tension.

February 5th.

Venus - Square - Mars.

Emotional conflicts, jealousy.


A non-standard solution to a household problem at work will bring profit.

Material loss due to a friend.

Accidental personal acquaintance with emotional disappointment.


An unplanned short trip abroad.

Show off in front of the authorities to the detriment of your authority.

Scandal with a friend over money.


Participation in secret occult astrological experiments.

Sudden attacks by secret enemies due to your ideological position.

Brazen behavior at work will harm your reputation in the eyes of your boss.


Your partner will invite you to an astrological seminar.

For a friend - the danger of being involved in a risky business.

Female enemies, weaving intrigues against you.


Rapid execution of a business project in the field of information technology.

Unstable situation in the partner's work.

Envy among friends and emotional incontinence.


The exam will be passed quickly and in a playful way.

But the business trip will fail or be postponed indefinitely.

Aggravation of relations at work on the basis of mutual hostility.


Unexpected news about the inheritance.

Children can get into trouble.

A romantic acquaintance on a long trip can end in a venereal disease.


Acquaintance with an intelligent smart young man in a trolley bus.

Conflict between your parents and other half.

A quarrel with a loved one because of a parallel connection that has opened.


Treatment of the disease with the help of the latest or non-standard technologies.

The car will suddenly break down.

Emotional disassembly in the family with the second half.


Random participation in an intellectual game.

But do not get carried away about winning and do not bet - you will lose.

Unfavorable atmosphere in the workplace due to women and gossip.


The unexpected arrival of relatives from afar will force you to urgently repair broken furniture.

Insatiable desires can lead to unreasonable spending of money on entertainment.


Correspondence on the Internet on a scientific topic.

A relative may be in a situation of isolation.

With your whims, you will provoke an eloquent conflict with the household.