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Aspects of the week.

11th of March.

Mercury - Sextile - Pluto.

Mental concentration.

March 12.

Venus ingression into Pisces.

March 17.

Sun - Conjunction - Neptune.

Daydreaming, dependence on emotional state.


You will very clearly define your plans and inform your public organization about them, which will not prevent you from retiring to find inner peace.


You will get to the bottom of a secret business assignment.

In your circle of friends there will be people endowed with artistic and spiritual qualities.


If you remember that the pen is mightier than the sword, this period will bring you significant benefits. Your relationship with your boss will become unclear, foggy, or he will completely forget about your responsibilities.


The investigation at work will bring a satisfactory result.

You will decide to attend religious services or go on an excursion to the monastery.


Establishing an important business connection with a foreigner.

Valuable information from this man.

But you may face confusion regarding your spouse's income.


A preventive examination of the body will give positive results.

You cannot guarantee that your perception of your personal partner will be clearer than his perception of you.


You will be more persistent and focused on the children's affairs.

Your word will be decisive in their choice.

Aromatherapy, water massage and meditation will have a beneficial effect on your health.


Your home will become a place where your personal influence and control is exercised.

You will be able to create spiritual bonds with your loved one, based on a more subtle intuitive perception.


Involvement will be working with computers, which will lead to the development of technical and design skills. You may reveal some secret from your family past.


You have a chance to buy and install hidden CCTV cameras.

Interested in or involved with boats and other watercraft.


You will gain a more influential image by receiving secret information.

Your intuition will become sharper, which will help increase your income.


The search for treasure will certainly lead to success.

Lost things will be found and debts will be paid.

Your instincts and intuition become sharper.