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Aspects of the week.

March 27.

Venus - Opposition - Black Moon.

Sensual temptation.

March 28.

Venus - Sextile - Uranus.

Surprises in relationships.


Emotional rejection and irritation when performing everyday household duties. Buying jewelry from Swarovski, which you will hide for a while from prying eyes.


There may be bad secrets in a child’s life that will be revealed.

Meeting your friends will be simply amazing.


Emotional claims against parents, which are associated with childhood memories.

An unexpected flirtation with a co-worker - and all this is secret and tempting.


The cause of misunderstandings in relationships between neighbors and close relatives will be suspicion and negative projections on others.

An unplanned trip with friends.


Losing money due to mindless shopping.

But all this is compensated by an unexpected bonus through your boss’s good disposition towards you.


You will be assigned such vices and weaknesses that you do not notice in yourself.

Meeting a unique person online.


A heightened reaction to loneliness can lead to a significant reduction in requirements for possible sexual partners.

It is better to switch your attention to cosmetic procedures that will give an amazing effect.


Susceptibility to psychological pressure from the organization to which you belong. Romantic acquaintance, falling in love at first sight.


Complicated relationships with a boss who becomes suspicious or tries to blame his mistakes on you.

Cleaning an apartment with a smart vacuum cleaner.


Misunderstanding and distortion of reasonable ideas in political matters.

Visit to an exhibition of avant-garde art.


Flirting with dangerous people and situations.

Unconsciously diving into danger.

Buying an original painting for your home.


Provocative behavior with a personal partner.

A situation from which it will be difficult for you to get out without consequences.

Beginning of hairdressing training.