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Aspects of the week.

March 4th.

Mercury sextile Uranus.

Unconventional ideas.

March 8.

Mercury - Conjunction - Neptune.

Mental fantasies.

9th of March.

Mars - Square - Uranus.

Adventurism, desire for risk.

10th of March.

Sun - Sextile - Uranus.

Innovative ideas.

10th of March.

Mercury ingression into Aries.


By your own choice, you will lead a more solitary life or enter into communication with those who prefer solitude.

Serious problems may affect your friends.


Those who come into your life will more likely need your help than want to help you, and therefore may use your friendship or acquaintance for selfish purposes.

Nervous atmosphere at work due to your disagreement with the tools of your superiors.


Your public image will become more inspiring, and your ambitions will be characterized by idealism, spirituality and altruism.

But it is advisable to avoid long trips, especially by car.


In matters related to communication with foreigners, you will have to navigate rough waters, steering a safe course to avoid the pitfalls of fanaticism, misplaced idealism and unrealistic plans.

Be careful when working with electrical appliances - they may be faulty.


Investments as well as tax benefits will appear in your business if it is related to gas stations, gasoline or alcohol.

In a relationship with your other half, any action you take can lead to an unpredictable explosion.


There are chances that negotiations with foreign partners will be successful thanks to inspired actions and intuition.

Due to health reasons, a new outbreak of an already subsided disease is possible


Your work will involve confidential information and secret activities.

In terms of health, you will be lucky to find the right medicine.

Children may find themselves in dangerous situations or injured.


A romantic interest can take you to new heights of inspiration and joy.

In the house, serious damage is possible during repair work or from fire.


Favorable situations will create the basis for more trusting relationships in the family. A short-distance business trip may be disrupted due to misunderstandings among colleagues.


Contacts with brothers, sisters and neighbors will be imbued with compassion and spiritual closeness. A pharmacy or liquor store will open near your home.

You may be drawn into a financial adventure, resulting in losses.


Situations related to areas such as photography, charities, alcohol or shoes will bring you money.

You can fork out money to buy a telescope, but cause a scandal to your household out of the blue.


People will be drawn to you for reasons they cannot understand or describe.

In the eyes of others, you will create the illusion of mystery, confusion and charm.

However, keep an eye on your vehicle - the car may be stolen or sent to an impound lot.