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Aspects of the week.

September 26th.

Venus - Trine - Pluto.

The need for love.

September 26th.

Mercury - Conjunction - Venus.

Selectivity in contacts.

September 26th.

Sun - Opposition - Jupiter.

Paphos and arrogance.

September 27.

Mercury - Trine - Pluto.

The power of a word.

September 28th.

Mars - Trine - Saturn.

Physical work.

October 1st.

Venus Opposition Jupiter.

Excessive requirements.


Close attention to your person from employees.

An obsessive requirement for a partner in a declaration of love and in a good disposition towards you.

Trip with a friend in a rocky area.


An interesting acquaintance with a smart person on a trip or online.

Excessive overeating of sweets will lead to weight gain.

Your earnings will match the effort you put in.


Successfully resolved issues with inheritance or property insurance.

Entertainment on a grand scale - noisy, fun and demonstrative.

Although you will have time to attend a serious social event.


Poetry evening in the company of relatives and friends.

Public speaking with notoriety.

In addition, you will be forced to visit a sick friend in the hospital.


Award for work in a beautiful envelope.

Noisy arguments with other people over your ideals or idea of ​​the world and beauty.

Participation in the official registration of some union or party.


Children will not be able to refuse a reasonable offer coming from you.

Do not flatter yourself about the possibility of successfully repaying one loan by taking another.

A very responsible job.


Long-awaited good information from relatives from afar.

You will teach other people ethics, good manners, or life "according to the rules."

Children will get a satisfactory result when passing the exams.


Intellectual and entertaining meeting with friends.

For health - pressure fluctuations and liver disorder.

The tax audit will be tense, but it will end happily.


You can expect a bonus at work.

It will be difficult to stop yourself in entertainment and gambling.

Signing a long-term contract with a business partner.


Correspondence with smart and pleasant people on the Internet.

The psychological atmosphere in the family will be noisy and tense.

A large amount of work, with which you can handle quite successfully.


Writing a report on the occult experiments done.

Ideological disputes about justice in social networks.

In creative terms, you will try to prove yourself as a potter or metal sculptor.


You will be inspired by the smart sayings of an influential like-minded person.

Major acquisitions at unfavorable terms.

Paying for brands.

Physical labor in the garden.