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Happy New Year 2023!!! With new luck, hope for the best and happy moments in life!!!

January 3, 23 - Venus enters Aquarius. Chill and detachment can penetrate into the sphere of romance, personal relationships. It is easier to build friendly relations, mutual understanding and common interests come first. The partner will appreciate the offer to go somewhere together, to spend interesting time.

13.01 - Mars turned into a direct movement. It is necessary to give Mars time to accelerate, at least for a week, and then you can start promising projects, buy equipment, change jobs, etc. And for women - feel free to start new relationships.

18.01 - Mercury turned into direct motion. You can do everything that was not recommended on the retromotion of Mercury, but it’s better to wait a bit until it picks up speed and go ahead - launch new projects, make plans, negotiate, buy new equipment, travel to places you haven’t been to and treat with great confidence received information.

Jan 20 - Sun enters Aquarius. There comes a good period for participation in group activities, creating joint projects. It will be easier to achieve success by working in a team or team. You will want to get out of your usual comfort zone, free yourself from restrictions and shackles, outdated views, start everything from scratch.

Jan 27 Venus enters Pisces. Everyone becomes more romantic and sentimental. I want vivid emotions, love experiences, but beware of unrealistic expectations or false promises. During this period, it is easy to succumb to feelings. Unreasonable tears, far-fetched grievances, tantrums, the danger of money fraud and intrigue are possible.

Auspicious days January 2023

(We use these days, taking into account the above recommendations, these are periods until the Moon goes only on harmonious aspects before leaving the sign).

2.01.2023, 14:15 - 3.01.2023, 0:16 - Moon in Taurus

The holidays continue, the Taurus Moon calls for slowness, does not like fuss, prefers comfort. Do not plan too active activities for this day. Do everything with gusto. You can go shopping, cook delicious food. You can go to the salon to bring beauty, to have fun.

01/12/2023, 15:21 - 01/13/2023, 1:06 - Moon in Virgo

A period when it is easier to organize, get together and do a lot of useful things. Good for working with information, numbers, documents, details, for putting things in order. The main thing is to correctly and rationally distribute energy. Favorable for wellness procedures. Good for cutting, painting, the main thing is to choose a trusted master

01/17/2023, 9:28 - 16:26 - Moon in Scorpio

A good time to resolve issues where pressure and perseverance are needed, for example, in administration, in business, in politics. We take into account the stationarity of Mercury. Favorable for research activities, energy practices, effective psychotherapy. Water procedures will restore strength.

01/19/2023, 10:18 - 12:08 - Moon in Sagittarius

There is little time, but it is not difficult to accelerate. The Sagittarius Moon favors many things, guess that this period will have a beginning, and what has been started will move forward successfully and quickly. You can go on a trip, start training, run advertising.

01/22/2023, 19:49 - 01/23/2023, 12:18 - Moon in Aquarius

A good time to interact with friends, like-minded people, for example, in the Internet space. Your ideas will be supported, a dialogue will be built, and the ideas of friends will give results in the future. Good for pupils, students, teachers, it will be easier to understand and understand the material. Good for tech repair.

01/24/2023, 9:56 - 01/25/2023, 18:11 - Moon in Pisces

During this period, make a decision intuitively, relaxed, maintain emotional balance and everything will line up correctly. Listen to music, go to the temple or just take time to be with yourself. If necessary, you can contact a psychologist. Today it is very important to get enough sleep to be effective.

01/30/2023, 2:03 - 7:51 - Moon in Taurus

The best thing you will do for yourself during this period is if you allow yourself to sleep well and meet the morning in the most comfortable state. Give due attention, full of love, to your body. Then during the day you will be as efficient as possible.