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It's finally Spring! Every day the sun warms the earth more and more! I would like to believe that we will all become a little warmer, kinder and more tolerant of each other!

Another new Astrological year begins in March! On the same day we celebrate the spring equinox. Our ancestors believed that on this day light and darkness are divided equally and then renewal in nature begins.

10.03 – Mercury moved into the sign of Aries The speed of perception and processing of information increases. Concentration and logic are enhanced, and it is easy to be persuasive. These days it’s tempting to make comments and express a personal opinion, and categorically, which is why disputes and conflicts often break out.

11.03 – Venus moves into the sign of Pisces. People become more romantic, sensitive and sentimental. And love is all-consuming, but sometimes contrived and unreliable. Unreasonable tears, far-fetched grievances, hysterics, as well as attacks of compassion or emotional euphoria are possible.

20.03 – The Sun moves into the sign of Aries. Day of spring equinox. From this date, the day will gradually become longer than the night. A period of renewal and rejuvenation begins. It's time to actively participate in the implementation of your plans!

23.03 – Mars moves into the sign of Pisces. Activity and determination during this period are very dependent on the emotional mood and motivation, otherwise, without inspiration, it is difficult to get involved in work. It is easier to work in solitude or secretly, or the true motives for actions are carefully hidden. Problems with relatives can become an incentive for activity.

Favorable days March 2024

(We use these days taking into account the above recommendations; these are periods while the Moon, before leaving the sign, is only on harmonious aspects).

03.2024, 19:55 - 03/2/2024, 9:47 – Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is not an easy sign for the Moon, which means it is not an easy sign for living in this period. She has also entered the last phase of the cycle, let’s save our strength and take stock. A good period for repairing what is broken, resuscitating the old, finally getting rid of the unnecessary, and as a result you can experience great satisfaction.

03/04/2024, 23:15 - 03/06/2024, 21:34 – Moon in Capricorn

The entire period of passage through Capricorn, the Moon is without stressful aspects, so without haste, without fuss, you can do a lot of useful things. Favorable for practical matters, honing skills, refining what needs improvement. We rely on the experience of older and more experienced people, and develop patience.

03/11/2024, 2:19 - 03/12/2024, 13:07 – Moon in Aries

Aries is an active sign - this is a period when we are all somewhat overexcited, many will have a desire to get involved in active processes. But, the Moon is still at the end of the cycle, so do not give in to temptation, do not get involved in something new without thinking it through. It is better to use energy to complete what was started earlier.

03/14/2024, 18:05 - 03/15/2024, 0:28 – Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a soft, warm sign, but during the day it was “hot” and tense. And now you can take a break from the daytime intensive, become aware, and take care of yourself. You can sign up for a salon, go shopping, or just cook something delicious. Those who are not tied to time at work or live in other time zones can launch projects that will gradually gain strength and remain sustainable for a long time.

03/18/2024, 17:45 - 03/19/2024, 20:52 – Moon in Cancer

The beginning of the week, the Moon is in a strong sign for us, which means we fit into the proposed circumstances more easily, without forgetting about our needs. Catch the energies of the period that help you relax and trust your circumstances. Sensitivity increases, trust your intuition. Good for shopping, especially food.

03/29/2024, 3:50 - 03/29/2024, 17:39 – Moon in Scorpio

Once again the Moon is in Scorpio and waning. On such days we are often more stressed than usual. But given the absence of stressful aspects, internal tone will give many people the opportunity to get involved in complex processes and not give up.