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Here comes October! Nature pleases us with its amazing multi-colored paintings, despite the tension that reigns around. Walk more often, if possible, and enjoy the last warm days. This is the best way to avoid conflicts and showdown.

2.10 - Mercury turned into direct motion. From this day on, issues related to communication, travel, contracts, etc., which experienced delays and slowdowns during the retro phase, will gradually begin to be resolved. But it's better to wait a few days for Mercury to pick up speed.

23.10 - Venus enters the sign of Scorpio. Emotional intensity and passion in love relationships will increase. If you want to experience vivid feelings or make sure of the true love and fidelity of your partner, be careful, "going too far", you can seriously ruin the relationship.

23.10 - The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio. Favorable time for cleansing activities, prevention of chronic diseases and energy practices under the supervision of a specialist.

Oct 29 - Mercury enters Scorpio. In communication, there is a tendency to caustic remarks, sarcasm, the desire to get to the bottom of the matter, helps to solve complex riddles. Good time to visit psychological trainings.

October 30 - Mars turns retro. During this period, the action-oriented energy does not have the necessary strength, since it is no longer directed to the external manifestation, but to the inside. Therefore, it becomes difficult to reach for an initiative breakthrough or can be used in an unconstructive way. There may be a slowdown in business.

Not recommended: start a new business, buy new equipment, start repairs, get a new job. If possible, it is better to postpone the operation.


It is best at this time: to finish or continue what was started before; return to the old place of work; buy used equipment. Operations should only be repeated. Women have a chance of meeting with the former.



Auspicious days October 2022

(We use these days, taking into account the above recommendations, these are periods until the Moon goes only on harmonious aspects before leaving the sign).

10/3/2022, 3:14 - 10/4/2022, 6:48 - Moon in Capricorn

Mercury has just turned around and is still stationary, i.e. hardly moves. But the Moon in Capricorn will not push. Calmly, slowly, without fuss and nervousness, deal with issues that arise even acutely. If you concentrate and carefully approach things, then everything will certainly work out.

5.10.2022, 19:58 - 6.10.2022, 1:45 - Moon in Aquarius

Favorable time fell on the late evening and night period. You can use it, for example, working remotely, for online purchases, projects, advertising, negotiations, sending important correspondence. Good for study, self-education and just thinking.

10/8/2022, 7:40 - 10/8/2022, 12:13 - Moon in Pisces

Not a wide interval, but Saturday morning, the Moon is in the growth, Mercury is already straight and picking up speed. It's time to start something. For example, start studying in the field of art: painting, music, vocals, choreography; start a course of psychotherapy, or learn in this area yourself; enter some of the occult disciplines, for example, tarot. And for those who do not plan anything like this in their lives, you can make good purchases in the morning or go to the spa.

10/12/2022, 10:37 - 10/13/2022, 0:41 - Moon in Taurus

The middle of the week is a good day for practical things, for starting important projects that promise to be quite stable and stable. Favorable for shopping, clothes, furniture, groceries, going to the hairdresser, any applied activity of working with the earth.

10/19/2022, 21:00 - 10/20/2022, 13:34 - Moon in Leo

The moon is in the last quarter, there is little energy at the beginning of a new one, but a very good day for intermediate steps. For example, you can launch another advertisement, hold another presentation of your project. The main thing is to do it brightly, confidently, playfully, with courage. A good day for visiting the hairdresser, small shopping.

22.10.2022, 19:28 - 22.10.2022, 21:17 - Moon in Virgo

This Saturday night can be filled with something pleasant and useful. Someone runs away for something needed on the farm to the store, you can plan a trip to the salon. Good for intellectual activity. Today it is not difficult to organize and be effective, even doing something not very interesting, but necessary.

26.10.2022, 18:30 - 27.10.2022, 7:27 - Moon in Scorpio

The period is not easy, we have already entered the corridor of eclipses, and Mars, the owner of Scorpio, has completely slowed down and will soon turn around. Therefore, we do not rush, do not fuss and do everything with caution. Evening time may not be suitable for everyone due to working moments. For those who like it, use the small window to promote your projects.

10/29/2022, 16:22 - 10/31/2022, 18:14 - Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn begins and ends the parade of auspicious days in October. During this period, it is easier to fulfill the recommendation not to rush, to think everything over in detail before joining the process. Fortunately, the entire passage of the Moon does not form a single