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Aspects of the week.

February 5.

Mercury aspecting Aquarius.

February 5.

Mercury - Conjunction - Pluto.

Mental concentration.

February 7.

Venus - Trine - Uranus.

Surprises in relationships.

February 8.

Sun - Square - Uranus.


February 10.

Mercury - Square - Jupiter.

Exaggeration in words.


An obsession in scientific work will require a lot of expenditure.

Bosses won't be stingy with an extra bonus.

Relationships with friends on the verge of conflict over finances.


Critical attitude to the business idea from the head of the project, distrust of his words.

Conflict with superiors.

Unexpected surprise in the form of the arrival of a distant relative.


Ideological disagreements on a political topic with foreigners.

On a long trip can be in a dangerous situation.

An intimate date in a non-standard environment.


It will be difficult to get rid of gloomy thoughts about friends.

A comrade may be in a critical situation.

Your other half will surprise you with a pleasant surprise.


Business partners with intense offers, but the benefits are greatly exaggerated. A breakup with a partner is possible.

A work associate will suddenly run an errand for you.


A business trip will turn out to be troublesome and of little prospect.

In addition, there is a risk of getting injured on the trip.

Unexpected acquaintance with an original friend on the Internet.


Because of problems in the studies of children, you will have to borrow money.

In general, children will behave unpredictably.

A gift from a relative in the form of a porcelain figurine.


Excessive intrusiveness and sarcastic remarks from parents to your second half. It's better to run away from home with her for a while or the conflict will move into a new phase.


Poor service at a technical station in case of car breakdown.

Relatives have a sudden attack on health.

Purchase of an avant-garde painting to decorate your office.


Making decent profits from monotonous financial transactions.

But unwise spending on an unnecessary large purchase.

And no need to visit a casino.

Amazing romantic date.


Parents will not support your idea of rearranging the bookcase in the apartment, moreover, you can bring the housemates to a seizure by their stubbornness.

Unexpected arrival of a guest from afar.


Could block your page on the Internet because of too sarcastic statements.

Unpleasant events at relatives.

Unexpected meeting with classmates.