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Astrology is a science that introduces a person into the world of occult disciplines. The main object and instrument of its study is the man himself.

Now from everywhere you can hear complaints about the disorder and dullness of our life, about the difficulties and obstacles that appear as if from nowhere. But "Sol omnibus lucet" - The sun shines on everyone! So why are there so many unfortunate, sick, dissatisfied people around us? In order to be happy, one must believe in the possibility of happiness. To live in peace, love and harmony, it is necessary to be open, clean, bright. And this directly depends on the clarity and purity of our consciousness. That is why the task of our entire team is to revive the Human Soul and direct it along the path of development. Yes, this task is not easy… The Path of the Soul is thorny, there are many obstacles on it. But, through all the thorns, we try to get to the stars. It is through astrology that this path can be most naturally seen. to achieve mutual understanding and harmony when communicating with another Soul.

An ancient principle says: "If you want to change the world, start with yourself." Therefore, the most basic thing with which every person aspiring to the Light should begin is to work on himself. Our task is not only to provide the necessary information, but also to teach how to use it correctly, so that information turns into knowledge. After all, knowledge is available only to a person who cares about the correctness of his actions, which means that he consciously strives to develop his mind and heart.

And we will help you with this!

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