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Deputy Director of the Chisinau Center for Astrological Research "ASTROURANIAS".

The first technical education.

I have been studying astrology since 1999 - I studied at the Chisinau representative office of the IAA on the basis of the Center for Astrological Research. Pupil Kucherenko G.A., Bag S.F., Arkan P.I., Vartichan I.V., Yarushevsky B.V.

I attended seminars of teachers of the Moscow Academy of Astrology: Levina M.B. (The practice of parsing natal charts), Levina G.B. (Physiognomy, Palmistry), Mityaeva T.M. (Thematic maps, Rectification), Milvitsky A.M. (Progressions), Tishchenko V. (Elective, horar, rectification), Dolgova E (Horar), Galankina O. (Solars, preorientation, Lunar Nodes), Molyanova O. (Synastria), Yarushevsky B. (Chains of dispositions), Sochilina V (Progressions), Shchennikova A. (Solars)

She also attended a course of seminars by Daragan K.

Since 2000, I have been an employee of the Chisinau CAI and a teacher of the elementary school of astrology. At the end of the Academy - a teacher and senior courses.

Astrology teacher and leader of seminars on astrology at the Image and Consulting Center of Tatyana Shapovalova.

Member of TV programs to popularize astrology.

Participated as a speaker in astrological conferences in Chisinau (2007, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019), in Odessa (2006), in Moscow (2013).

Currently - Deputy Director of the CAI "ASTROURANIAS", administrator, organizer of seminars.

A multidisciplinary practicing astrologer (natal analysis, event forecasting, elective, horar), I conduct individual consultations in all areas of life.

The most interesting direction is astropsychology. I am actively engaged in research activities in astrology related to the possibility of conception and motherhood. I am fond of numerology, tarot, occult philosophy.

I practice Yoga, Reiki and other energy practices.

In recent years, I have been actively involved in issues of a healthy lifestyle, studying nutrition, the theory of adequate, healing nutrition, and I associate this with a person’s horoscope. I am a trainer of the program for the transition to a New lifestyle - 5D Balance.