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Director of the Chisinau Center for Astrological Research "ASTROURANIAS". Since August 1999, she studied at the Chisinau representative office of the Moscow Academy of Astrology on the basis of the Center for Astrological Research.

Student Kucherenko G.A., Sumka S.F., Arkan P.I., Vartichan I.V., Yarushevsky B.V. Attended seminars of teachers of the Moscow Academy of Astrology: Levina M.B. (The practice of parsing natal charts), Levina G.B. (Physiognomy, Palmistry), Mityaeva T.M. (Thematic maps, Rectification), Milvitsky A.M. (Progressions), Tishchenko V. (Elective, horar, rectification), Dolgova E (Horar), Galankina O. (Solars, preorientation, Lunar Nodes), Molyanova O. (Synastria), Yarushevsky B. (Chains of dispositions), Sochilina V (Progressions), Shchennikova A. (Solars)

In 2003 she received a diploma of "Bachelor of Astrology" and became an employee of the Chisinau CAI, and since 2004 she has been working as a leader.

From 2005 to 2007 she was a member of the organization of Independent Astrologers of Russia Since January 2007 - the founder and director of the CAI "ASTROURANIAS" The organizer and participant of many astrological conferences. She also organized and listened to a course of seminars by Daragan K.N. Participated in the competition "Golden Dolphin" 2008 Odessa, nomination "Esoteric Center", "Golden Dolphin" 2009 Odessa, nomination "Practical Research".

In 2009, she became a member of the ISAR organization and took a course on Astrological Ethics. Seminar organizer. Practicing astrologer. Participated in radio and television programs (channels STS, MIR, Publica TV, Acasa la Noroc, radio Noroc, Jurnal TV, PRO TV, Prima TV, etc.) dedicated to the place of astrology in human culture, published articles in magazines (Acuarele, Prophecy and etc.) is actively engaged in research activities in astrology. The area of ​​interest in astrology is astropsychology.